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The number one injury in golf no matter what the age or skill level is lower back pain. This among other aches and pains can really put a damper on your physical activity and life in general. Our Physical Therapists are here for you with the ability to evaluate your condition and make appropriate recommendations for treatment or referral to an appropriate medical provider when needed. *Please note that we provide cash based services and do not accept insurance, however you can utilize an HSA card for PT services as they are provided by a licensed Physical Therapist.*
golf lower back injury and physical therapy in Nashville

Physical Therapy and Treatment Options

Injury Evaluation (75 min)

Full 1-on-1 PT evaluation and treatment session with discussion of plan of care and recommendations for follow up or MD referral when appropriate. You will be given a home program and follow up visits may be suggested.

PT Treatment sessions (50 min)

Treatment sessions may include manual interventions such as joint or soft tissue mobilizations, IASTM, cupping, and dry needling, corrective exercises, mobility drills, and progression/instruction of home programming.