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Dr. Michael Voight Co Owner of Performance One

Michael Voight

Founder and Co-Owner

Dr. Michael Voight has had a distinguished career as both an educator and clinical physical therapist for over 30 years. Throughout his career he has not only become one of the leading authorities in the rehabilitation of orthopedic and sports injuries, he has worked tirelessly to advance the knowledge of others as a clinician and educator by making significant contributions to the literature Dr. Voight received his undergraduate training at the University of Oregon and Portland State University in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Dr. Ashley Campbell from Performance One Physical Therapy and Wellness

Ashley Campbell

Co-Owner and Director of Performance

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Ashley graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University in Athens, OH and moved to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University’s School of Physical Therapy. After graduating with her Doctorate from Belmont she began working for STAR Physical Therapy and in 2013 accepted a position as the clinic director for STAR at A-Game Sportsplex.

Lance Gill

Fitness Director

Lance grew up in Watertown, NY where he started his golf career at the age of 8 at Ives Hill Country Club. As a young boy Lance dreamed of a professional career in golf and although it may not be a glamorous PGA tour pro life, he truly has followed his childhood passions. Lance is the Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board; lead Instructor for TPI Level 1 and Level 2 Fitness Seminars globally; and most recently the President of LG Performance, a private Golf Performance based company specializing in the betterment of golfers with a multifaceted approach.

Kayleigh Franklin

Remote Training Director and Coach

Kayleigh brings a wealth of manual therapy, exercise prescription, physical assessment, and customer service experience to the Lance Gill Performance team. Her skillset crosses many domains and allows LGP clients to experience a fuller range of service on their journey to reaching their goals.

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