Rates listed are for Juniors (under 18)/Adults

Golf Fitness Assessment

Our golf fitness assessment utilizes a breakdown of your physical strengths and weaknesses to develop a program that will remove the road blocks to improvement in your golf game. Many individuals find themselves frustrated with an inability to succeed in the recommendations given to them by their various coaches. The problem isn’t the wrong coaching, it’s the athlete’s physical restrictions that keep them from achieving their goals. This assessment will identify mobility, strength, and flexibility deficits and develop a program to address the individual needs of each client. (Basic home program included in this assessment)

Body Swing Connection Evaluation

All of the above included PLUS we utilize 3D technology with K-Vest to collect real time data of your golf swing. We are able to analyze the kinematic sequence and how the segments of your body are moving from address through follow though and correlate this data with the findings of your physical assessment. With this information we can create a more targeted program to meet your fitness needs AND focus efforts on exercises and drills to improve your sequencing within the swing (read as increased distance and accuracy off the tee).

Team Evaluations

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Golf teams of all ages and experience can benefit from individual assessments and fitness plans built to each player’s needs. Strength and conditioning is an important component to any athlete’s development but the physical requirements and demands on a golfer are different than that of other sports. Our experts can identify areas for improvement and develop each member of the team a specific program that meets their needs.

1-on-1 Performance Training

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Work in person with one of our experts on your fitness goals. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and based off the findings of your individual assessment. No one workout is the same but each workout brings you closer to your goals.